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Stores along Kalakaua Avenue, Waikiki, Hawai’i

This is the view in front of the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki. The shopping center went through a major remodeling project a couple of years ago.



This little flower was an unusual species of hibiscus. The petals are not as fancy as most of the others. The dynamic range was tweaked to give it a real interesting look.


Jetty at Waikiki Beach

The jetty at Waikiki was fairly crowded. A lot of onlookers have their attention set on the little boy. The parents and family members of the boy have been trying to get him to jump off into the water. He jumped once, but he did not appear to want to jump again


Honolulu Fire Department Boat

This photograph of a Honolulu Fire Boat is one of my favorite. Like with a lot of my favorites, it was stumbled upon by accident. This serendipitous shot was taken after taking a long walk through downtown Honolulu and China Town. The harbor across the street from China Town is a little hard to get to since walking is the only way unless you have special parking privileges at the harbor. The sky was perfect, the water calm, and the lighting just right. I held the Nikon camera as steady as I could and shot five bracketed shots. Each shot was of a different exposure. I know the result appears to be a painting, but let me explain what you are seeing that makes it look that way. The five exposures are compiled and the parts that are over and under exposed are thrown out. The result is that all parts of the image have great exposure and the detail that would normally be washed out by light or blackened by the lack of light is not there. Painters sometimes do this as well, especially if they are there with the subject before them. They can see all of this detail, so why leave it out? As a photographer, I can see all of the detail, so why not include it in the final image?


View of Honolulu on February 19, 2010

Today was cool and wet in the morning, but the afternoon became partly cloudy and dry. The clouds made a great day for photogaphy. This view centers on Tantalus. The mountain can be driven up via Round Top Road. A lookout up there provides a panaromic view that goes from Diamond Head to the Airport. It is nice and cool up on the mountain, even in the summer. The automobile makes great passage with all of the cutbacks, but a motorcycle makes it a lot more fun.


Korean Festival at Kapiolani Park

The Korean Festival is held every year at Kapiolani park near Waikiki, Hawai'i. Look for the event to happen on a weekend towards the middle of July. The festivities are education, entertaining, and fun as well. There are multiple groups that entertain on center stage that bring to life the culture and traditions of Korea. Many booths are set up that help promote all things Korea. One of the booths will help increase desire to visit Korea. Another booth that was set up last year sold Korean books written in Han Gul, the language of Koreans. A kids area has the huge blow up slides and bounce houses. Food vendors serve kimche and rice along with other traditional foods. If you are not hungry, Palama, the largest Korean supermarket chain in Hawai'i has a grocery outlet there so that you can take it home and eat or cook it at a later time. If you decide to go this year, look me up and I will be glad to meet you.

Korean Festival 2009_dancer

HDR Image of the East Coast of Oahu

My wife and I took a drive along the coast of Oahu last Sunday. It was  a beautiful Valentine's Day. As with most days, the places to stop along the coast were crowded with other people gawking at the beauty the island provides. This photograph is the result of five different exposures compiled together to bring you the details usually hidden in under and over exposed areas.

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