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The Laupahoehoe Kickboxing demonstrated their art at the Honolulu Festival. Here is a performer preparing for action.


This weekend is the weekend of the Honolulu Festival. This is a time when cultures from around the world gather and strut their stuff. Check out the Honolulu Festival photograph gallery by clicking here.


Parc Waikiki has a great location being close to the heart of Waikiki, but it is located where the normal flow of traffic evades it. That makes this find even better. I entered the hotel and immediately knew that this hotel was different from the others. The decor is has an art deco look to it. Here is a hallway that leads from the business center out to the street in the back of the hotel. Real cool isn’t it? Click on the image for a larger view.


Hilton Hawaiian Village has a new building that opened a few months ago. This was my first time in the new section. They have this fountain right in the middle of the floor where people have to walk around it rather than make a straight path through the room. I doubt the visitors like having to walk around it. The reason is, on the first day, a visitor is on an adrenaline rush and tries to see everything he or she can which wears him or her out. Next day is spent at the beach which results in pink to red skin. By the third day, you can they are walking with sores on their fit, sore muscles, and irritated skin. This makes them walk funny. They just do not walk that much at home. Having to walk around this beautiful fountain the first day is all right, but by the end of the visit, it is down right in the way.


The rainbow of 03-07-2010 is shown here. The original was compiled from 20 images. The images were four across, with five different exposures in each of the four sections to provide super detail. You can see people on the lanais (balconies)and what they are wearing in the full size image. Click on the image for a larger version, but still 4 times smaller than original.


I had the pleasure of going on a walking tour with Ohana Walking Tours courtesy of Casey Hewes, the owner. The tour provides a lot of information about historical events that took place in Honolulu, Hawai’i. You can visit the Ohana Walking Tour site by clicking, take me to Ohana Walking Tour site. The photographs of the tour are in the gallery called Tour.


A rare day when Ala Moana Beach Park only has a couple of people on the beach. Most people headed for the mountains during the government and media scare concerning a tsunami that was smaller than the normal waves that hit the coast in Hawai’i.


Here is a picture taken today, the last day of February 2010, of a rainbow that never made it higher than the mountains. Low, but beautiful.


This is just a few minutes after the all clear signal was given regarding the false tsunami warning that had everyone evacuate the area. 02-27-2010

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